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Our games are created by freelance developers. In order to provide the highest quality of games and to guarantee an adequate supply of new games, we work with a wide network of these game developers.
The games are chosen by staff members who have years of experience with gaming, both professionally as well as recreationally.
We offer the most up-to-date games from the 10 most popular Genres for casual gamers: puzzle, casual, racing, arcade, action, sport, adventure, simulation, strategy, and cards. Should ventures want to offer their customers additional genres, then we can help cover this within our game developer network.
The games remain available as part of a standard rotation in the flat rate for users for at least a month. The replacement and exchange of the games reflect the wishes of our customers. The factor that determines game replacements is the popularity of the games amongst our customers. This data will be regularly gathered and the results will be made available for the customers.
As soon as gamers have downloaded a game, they can play that game as long as it is still saved on their device, even when it is no longer available in the games portal. In Netflix, for example, once a film leaves the portal, it is no longer available to the customers. The advantage with Tailorstage is that users can build up their own game collection on their devices, that is as long as users are still in the test or pay period.
From the selection of the games to the provision of landing pages- TAILORSTAGE provides the entire service and infrastructure for the customers.
With the compliance of the game developers, we oversee that the games have a DRM (copy protection) that limits the playability of the game to the payment period.
Users have the opportunity to offer feedback and leave suggestions on how we can do better via E-mail. We welcome feedback and that is how we can improve the gaming experience and make playing each game more fun.
The games are not exclusively for use in our portal but they are also attainable for free in other portals. These other game versions, however, are usually not offered in a format free of in-app purchases or free of constant advertisement interruptions like they are in our portal.
The costs will be determined together with the help of the customers. A monthly maximum should not exceed 5€.
The customer has the opportunity to integrate advertisements in the Launcher App. It is, however, not possible to integrate ads into the games themselves because we want to guarantee an optimal gaming experience, which is only possible without annoying ads that interrupt a fun experience.
The costs of the individual games vary, and we would gladly elaborate on these details in a personal discussion.

FAQ Games Portal

The costs of the landing page depend on and are determined by the desired coverage. Let’s discuss what you have in mind, and then we can calculate the costs for you.
The size of the budget for integration of a payment resolution is dependent upon the expenditure.
In order to optimally solicit the games portal, we offer free visual material as well as short game descriptions for you.
The gamer can cancel a game portal on a monthly basis. The gamer can then continue playing the games until the paid time period is over.
Corporation ventures have a three month cancellation period.
Our games/gaming portal run exclusively on Android systems.