The TAILORSTAGE UG (limited liability) is funded by the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg with funds from the European Union. The investments for the development of our product KANGULE were supported by the funding program "Gründung Innovativ" with around 100,000 euros.
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Effortlessly Using Mobile Games to Achieve Business Success.

Easily achieving business success with your mobile games is a real possibility. Do you have the responsibility of continuously coming up with (provide) new content for your online customers? Does your customer retention need to be higher (raised)? Do your customers not only want to be provided with product information, but also want to be entertained in the process? Would you like to set your business apart from other businesses, and create awareness for yourself? Have you already determined that the desktop-game-business model is not suitable for mobile devices? Are you having problems continuously searching for new promotions for your company? Do you want to be able to offer something brand new and unique for your company events?

Then finally pay attention to your target audience and offer them exactly what they have been asking for and provide for their daily needs also outside your core business. Take advantage of new opportunities that are attainable through mobile games for your business ventures: 29 million citizens in Germany, from all different ages, play computer games. Smartphones have recently become the most-popular and preferred gaming platform. The number of female video game players is continuously on the rise and is beginning to rival that of the male players. It is time to tap into this opportunity and open up this target group to the White Label Gaming-Platform from TAILORSTAGE.

TAILORSTAGE: The German answer to the app-stores

TAILORSTAGE is the German answer to the App-stores and TAILORSTAGE is tailored to the specific needs of their business ventures. We offer you a Games-Portal as a white label solution for mobile games. The Games-Portal is for games what Spotify is for music and what Netflix is for films: Users subscribe to TAILORSTAGE and then pay a monthly subscription fee, which enables the users to download as many games as desired. And all of that for a low single-figured Euro payment.

This solution is unique because you guarantee your users long term and interruption free fun. All the games are ad free without any bothersome in-app-purchases and the user determines how often he or she switches between games. The games are designed so that they not only provide a fun experience for casual gamers, but the games also have no violent or pornographic content, which makes TAILORSTAGE the perfect gaming platform for the whole family.

Fast and Effortless Integration of your Gaming-Portal

TAILORSTAGE provides the entire technical infrastructure at your disposal within 24 hours. All that is required from you:

  • Choose which games are in “Your List” (Like known from NETFLIX).
  • Apply the landing page in your channels separate from your homepage through the use of banner ads.

Via the banner ads the user comes directly to the landing page and there the user can download the app. Then everything functions exactly as usual: The device provides access to the startup of the app through an icon and then the games can be managed in the app.

You can see how easy it is with just one click.

Your own individualized game for your customers and staff

Would a flat rate for your personal games exceed your needs but you would still like to make your own mobile game available for your customers and colleagues? For example, as part of the celebration of a company event? As an alternative to the mundane season’s greetings cards that are always sent around during Christmas time? Or as part of a special promotion? We can work together with you to make this wish a reality.

Choose a game out of our portfolio and we will integrate it with your branding and provide for the technical implementation of it on a gaming platform designed specifically for your needs. With our help-- you will pleasantly surprise your customers, your colleagues will be amazed, and everyone will be talking about it (it will be the talk of the town).

Create your own gaming-portal for the first time

Do we have your attention now? Have we sparked your curiosity? But are you, at the same time, still skeptical because our mobile game offer is new and you have not heard anything about our services yet? If this is the case, let us create a demo for you of your new gaming-portal or we can simply discuss your own game. Get in contact with us with no strings attached and profit from our white label solutions.

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